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One Person Killed in Early Morning, Single-Vehicle Crash on Wycliff Avenue near Irving Boulevard in Dallas

One Person Killed in Early Morning Single Vehicle Crash on Wycliff Avenue near Irving Boulevard in Dallas scaled

According to Fox 4 News, one person has died following an early crash in West Dallas. Authorities say that a driver speeding down Wycliff Avenue near Irving Boulevard lost control of their vehicle before hitting a utility pole and crashing into a building. The crash caused the vehicle to burst into flames. The victim was found inside the vehicle after firefighters extinguished the fire. The driver’s name has not been released. This crash is still under investigation.



Since this crash is still under investigation, the cause has not been identified. Many people rush to judgment and assume alcohol was involved, but there are many factors that could have contributed such as fatigue, distraction, mechanical errors, and roadway conditions. A thorough investigation needs to be performed, but this can be difficult if the police department is short on staff. Obtaining evidence quickly protects it from disappearing and that plays a critical role in providing answers to law enforcement, insurance companies, and the victim’s family. After a crash involving a vehicle fire, little physical evidence may be left so an accident reconstruction may be the only way to determine what really happened. Attorneys who are experienced in handling these types of cases can help a family by preserving evidence, hiring an accident reconstruction team, and working through the claims process. For a family making final arrangements, it can be a big relief to know that they have an advocate handling these things for them in a time of grief.