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A Woman is Killed and Three Injured in Lubbock New Year’s Day Crash on Avenue Q in Lubbock, TX

A Woman is Killed and Three Injured in Lubbock New Years Day Crash on Avenue Q in Lubbock TX scaled

Elizabeth Prado killed and another passenger was injured in a red SUV driven by 61-year-old Richard Trevino. The crash happened just after 1 a.m. on New Year’s 2023 when the red SUV traveling southbound on Avenue Q attempted to make a left turn from Avenue Q onto 27th Street. Authorities say the driver of the red SUV failed to yield right of way and struck a black Ford SUV traveling northbound on Avenue Q. The driver of the black SUV, 23-year-old Jeremiah Uriegas, was injured and transported to University Medical Center. The occupants of the red SUV were all transported to University Medical Center for their injuries. While at the hospital, Ms. Prado unfortunately passed due to her injuries sustained in the collision.



This crash is still under investigation but indicates that a driver making a left turn was at fault for failing to yield the right of way on a left turn. Sure, this could be the cause of the crash, but it is equally possible that factors could have contributed to the crash such as speeding, distracted driving, fatigue, and intoxication. Since this crash involves a fatality and happened in the early hours on New Year’s Day, I am glad to see that the Lubbock Police Department is still investigating what led to the crash. Families need to understand what led up to the crash in order to begin the process of moving forward. In this case, hopefully a thorough investigation is done in case there were other factors involved. Without video or black box evidence, it is difficult to be certain what all contributed to this tragic wreck. In this case, more evidence is needed to determine all possible causes.