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Hit and Run involved in a Vehicle vs. Bicycle Crash

The most recent vehicle versus bicycle crash in Sherman appears to be another hit and run.  It happened on October 10th and occurred in the 3600 block of North Travis Street.  The Grayson County Scanner reports that the vehicle was last seen turning west onto the 82 service road, but no vehicle description has been provided.  Identification of those involved and details regarding injuries was not immediately available.

Recent reports indicate that it is the second hit-and-run crash involving a bicycle in just over a week.  In the previous case that happened on October 2nd in the 1300 block of South First Street, police were able to detain a person involved.  Several other hit-and-runs involving pedestrians have occurred in this area during the same period of time.



When people flee the scene of an accident, it appears to indicate they are aware of their liability in the crash.  I tend to believe that it is frequently associated with their awareness of a crime having been committed or the involvement of drugs or alcohol.  A thorough investigation needs to be performed to first find the individual responsible for this crash and to ensure evidence is collected and preserved for both civil and criminal use.   Investigators should consider all scenarios to determine what, if any, evidence exists.  In this case, I would hope cell phone data and a possible toxicology testing would be required if it appears the driver may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.  The problem in a hit-and-run is that many times, the police are unable to locate the victim in time to collect a timely specimen to check for drugs or alcohol.  This is unfortunate because many hit-and-run cases involve a driver fleeing because they know that they are intoxicated.  It is difficult for a victim to stay involved in such a critical part of a case when they are injured.  Having a third-party involved can help ensure a proper investigation is conducted and evidence is gathered and preserved.  Our attorneys offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.  The phone lines are answered 24 hours a day so they can get you the help and support you need at such a difficult time.  

If you have any information pertaining to this case and the driver or vehicle involved, please contact the Sherman Police Department at 903-892-7280.