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Midland County Crash Caused by Semi Claims Life of Colton Turner

Midland County Crash Caused by Semi Claims Life of Colton Turner scaled

According to NewsWest9, a crash on January 21, 2023 claimed the life of 22-year-old driver, Colton Turner. He was struck by a Peterbilt truck on SH 349 when the driver of the truck failed to yield right of way when entering the left turn lane. Mr. Turner was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the semi reported no injuries. The investigation into this crash is ongoing.



Any time there is a crash involving a commercial vehicle, a thorough investigation must be performed. Preserving evidence is often the first step followed by an accident reconstruction. Truck driver driving records, downloading the electronic control module (black box), photographs, videos of nearby businesses and homes, witness statements are all important evidence to gather early in a case. Commercial insurance companies have lawyers on staff working the case from day one. Having an experienced lawyer to advocate for you can help preserve your rights and provide the support needed at a difficult time. In this crash, it seems clear the investigator has already determined the commercial truck driver was at fault, but the claims process may not be so cut and dry. Insurance companies and their lawyers will scrutinize the evidence and many times will provide their own investigation. That’s when someone with success in handling this type of claim can help.

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