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Defective Product Attorney

Defective or dangerous products frequently lead to injuries and death. Almost any product can be manufactured or designed in a faulty way, but they all share a common trait – they are marketed and presented as safe to the consumer, and so they surprise the user when they fail. The defect is often hidden and so the user is unaware of the possible danger until it is too late and injury has occurred. These injuries can often be devastating because the consumer is unsuspecting and relying upon the product to perform as advertised.

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The attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office have assisted many individuals who have been hurt or killed by dangerous products. Examples of the types of products include:

  • 01 Defective autos which rolled over.
  • 02Defective autos which catch on fire due to faulty electrical wires or gas tanks.
  • 03Defective auto roof structures which crush easily.
  • 04Tires which delaminate (split into thin layers).
  • 05Pajamas which do not meet flame retardant standards.
  • 06Hydraulic cylinders which fail to carry the advertised loads.
  • 07Defective medical implants such as artificial joints.

Determining whether a product is defective usually requires an investigation performed by an experienced engineer who determines whether the product is faulty in its design or not constructed as designed. Gathering evidence is critical to a defective product claim because the engineer will need to examine and possibly test the product to determine why it failed. The personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office will assist you in investigating and determining whether the product was not designed as it should have been, or whether it was not manufactured as designed. An attorney will also help to preserve the evidence which is crucial to the investigation before it can be destroyed or altered.

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