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Lake Texoma- A Look at Accident Numbers

Located within the USACE Tulsa district of Texas and parts of Oklahoma, and formed by the Denison Dam on the Red River, Lake Texoma is one of the most popular lakes in the entirety of the United States. Each year, the massive lake and the lake’s surrounding areas welcome approximately six million visitors for hiking, camping, golfing, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, power boating, fishing, and more. While the majority of visitors to Lake Texoma enjoy their days in the sun harm-free, others become the victims of dangerous, and often deadly, accidents.


Types of Accidents In and Around Lake Texoma


Lake Texoma- A Look at Accident NumbersLike any body of water in the world, Lake Texoma presents a risk of water-related injuries, namely drowning, for those who swim and play in its waters. In 2012 alone, there were four fatalities caused by drowning in Lake Texoma, although a July, 2013 story published by KXII News 12 reports that there are an average of five deaths by drowning each year in the lake. Other common accidents include boating accidents and other watercraft accidents, such as jetski accidents, diving accidents, tubing accidents, accidents caused by the participation in water sports, as well as car accidents and pedestrian accidents around the lake. In fact, a July of 2014 article also published by KXII News 12, reported, quoting police, that there were more than ten pedestrian accidents on Texoma roads already recorded for that year. In January of 2014, a man was killed when a semi truck struck him on Highway 75 in Sherman, and an 18 year old was killed a month later after being stuck by a vehicle on the same highway. The popularity of Lake Texoma leads to further burdening of the roads surrounding the lake.


Staying Safe While at the Lake


The increase in accidents resulting in serious injuries and deaths in the past five years has caused public officials and police to encourage visitors to the lake to take extra safety precautions. Officials are asking pedestrians to avoid walking along the roadways near Lake Texoma, and to always walk toward traffic while wearing bright, reflective clothing if walking is a must. Additionally, both pedestrians and drivers should take extra caution, especially at night. For lake activities, it’s important to never participate in boat racing, and to make sure that all children under the age of 13 wear a life vest at all times, as is required by law. Additionally, anyone who is not an experienced swimmer or who is participating in a water sport should also wear a life vest. Furthermore, exercising caution by observing what’s happening around you, maintaining a proper speed limit, and following water safety laws are all crucial to safety while at Lake Texoma.


Before heading to the lake this summer, make sure to have a conversation with friends and family about safe behavior while boating and playing at Lake Texoma. By exercising safety precautions, you may be able to save the life of yourself, a family member, or even a stranger.


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