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One Dead and Two Others Injured in a Fannin County Crash

One Dead and Two Others Injured in a Fannin County Crash

According to a press release issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, a man has died and two others were injured in a January 26, 2023 crash on SH 121 in Fannin County. The press release states that it happened when a vehicle driven by Abbas Zeerak was traveling south on SH 121 behind another vehicle driven by Jonathan Davenport. As Mr. Davenport slowed to make a left-hand turn onto County Road 4642, Zeerak rear-ended him. The impact caused Davenport to be pushed into the northbound lane where he was hit by a third vehicle driven by Jessica Bradford. Mr. Davenport was pronounced dead at the scene. Zeerak and Bradford were transported to separate hospitals for their injuries.



Frequently, we see accidents caused when someone is making a left turn. This can be particularly dangerous when performing the left turn on a two lane country road because drivers must slow and even stop to wait for someone to complete a left turn. I don’t know what led to this crash, but I can say for certain that many similar accidents happen when a person is turning left and another driver is either distracted or unable to slow or stop in time to yield to the person turning. When this happens at night in the country, poor visibility can be a factor as those roads are often winding and may have shrubbery preventing visibility. Hopefully the investigators and officers are able to perform a thorough investigation so that the family who lost a loved one has the answers they need to move forward.