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A Crash at the 2300 Block of Texoma Parkway Leaves an 11-Year-Old with Injuries

According to the Texas Crash Report, an eleven-year-old female was injured when a vehicle attempting a left turn from a parking lot pulled in front of another vehicle. At approximately 4:45 p.m. on October 13, 2022, Sherman PD responded to the 2300 block of Texoma Parkway. The report indicates that a white Dodge Ram was attempting to exit the Big Lots parking lot to travel north on Texoma Parkway when they pulled out in front of a white Chevy Equinox. An eleven-year-old passenger in the Equinox suffered serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital.



Based on the crash report this appears to be a case of failure to yield the right of way – sometimes abbreviated as FTYROW by police officers. Based on the speed limit of Texoma Parkway, the driver of the Chevy Equinox would have had a difficult time avoiding the Dodge Ram which appears to be at fault for the accident.  Further, the higher allowed speed will also cause more serious injuries for the occupants, such as the eleven-year-old girl. Back, neck, head, shoulder, and knee injuries frequently occur in this type of wreck and it is very important to be medically treated by an orthopedic doctor and sometimes a neurologist. It is best not to talk to any insurance adjuster until after you have spoken with your own lawyer because many cases have been lost when incorrect answers were provided in the insurance interview. Also, if you are able to take photographs of your vehicle and your injuries they are important pieces of evidence.